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The Registrar’s office provides many important services to incoming, current, and former Converse students such as distributing transcripts, conducting registration, keeping and updating student records, reporting grades, and providing verification of enrollment. The Registrar serves as the designated school official for international students.

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Temporary Change To Pass/Fail Policy

Students were advised on April 9, 2020 that Converse is temporarily expanding eligibility for courses to qualify for “pass/fail” status. The permanent policy is found on pages 35-36 of the Converse Undergraduate Catalog.

  • The temporary policy in force as of 4/9/2020 and for the spring 2020 semester only:
    • Replaces P/F with Credit (CR), Credit with D (CRD), and No Credit (NC). Using CR/CRD/NC will allow the college to keep this semester and its circumstances separate from P/F courses on a student transcript. NC does not earn course credit but does not impact GPA, as an “F” would.
    • Waives the minimum GPA requirement in place for taking courses CR/CRD/NC
    • Waives the minimum number of completed credits required to take courses CR/CRD/NC
    • Waives the maximum number of course hours students may take CR/CRD/NC for spring 2020 only; students you may take one or all of your spring 2020 courses CR/CRD/NC.
Students may withdraw from a course as late as the last day of classes, which is May 7th, 2020.

Unlike the current policy, the temporary policy recommends but does not require adviser approval for student election of the CR/CRD/NC option prior to the end of exam week and the beginning of the posting of grades, which is Thursday, May 14, 2020. Any changes to grade status requested by the student after May 14th must be approved by the student’s academic adviser or dean.

Contact Info:

Phone: 864.596.9095
Fax: 864.596.9202
Office: Carmichael 210

Our Mission

The mission of the Office of the Registrar is to address the needs of the students, faculty, administrators and alumni in matters that pertain to student records, registration of classes and academic policies, while maintaining the academic integrity of the College.

To carry the Mission of the Office of the Registrar, we pledge to:

  • Address the needs of all our constituents in a courteous and respectful manner.
  • Offer a prompt response from the office specialist who can best resolve the problem or answer questions regarding the situation.
  • Make a sincere effort to respond to telephone calls and emails in a timely fashion.
  • Continue to maintain the confidentiality and accuracy of student records.
  • Communicate academic information in a positive manner, while always relating accurate and clear interpretations of the College’s academic policies.

Meet the Team

Associate Provost for Institutional Research and Registrar
Associate Registrar
Records and Data Analyst
Enrollment and Registration Specialist
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